Upcoming Events


Who can attend the auctions?
Anyone can attend the auctions. However, you must be a member in good standing in order to buy or sell items in the auctions.

How can I become a member?
Becoming a member is easy. Attend one of our regularly scheduled monthly meetings, and sign up at the check-in table. Learn more here.

Who can attend the presentations?
Both members and non-members can attend the presentations. We strive to provide quality content that appeals to fishkeepers, hobbyists, and non-hobbyists alike.

What happens at a general meeting?
Attendees will enjoy a speaker presentation, socialization time with other members, an auction, and a raffle. Non-members are encouraged to become members in order to participate in the auction and raffle.

What are some benefits of becoming a member?
Members get to participate in the auctions and raffles, as well as receive discounts at certain local fish stores and club-organized field trips.

How long are the meetings?
The meeting room opens at 6pm. And we are generally finished with the presentation, auction and raffle by 9:30PM.

How often are the meetings?
Meetings are held monthly on the second Sunday. We have an auction every month, except for December when we host our annual potluck dinner. Presentations are held every month except April, November, and December.