Annual Show

General Rules
• Each competitive class is sponsored by an organization or by one or more individuals. The society may sponsor any class in the approved list that has an entry in the show and has not been sponsored.
• Non-competitive entries are welcome, free of charge, on a space available basis.
• All equipment and supplies should be labeled and identified with the owner’s name and located so that it will not be visible to the judges or general public.
• The entry sheets may be reproduced if additional copies are required.
• Air hoses, filters, etc. should be well hidden in all aquarium categories, and points are taken off if visible in the decorated aquarium categories.

For a full list of the rules, click here

Photos of previous years’ tanks can be found here: Gallery

Trophy Categories

Trophy categories have 1 winner in each category. The winner will be awarded a trophy or other award agreed upon by the winner and the show committee/board of directors. These categories are sponsored by SDTFS:

Aquarium Beautiful
Junior Aquarium Beautiful
Best Cichlid (Guy Jordan Memorial)
People’s Choice (Dorothy Cobleigh Memorial)
Best Use of Plants (Mark Ferguson Memorial)
Novelty (Jack Allen Memorial)

Plaque Categories
If sponsored, plaque categories will be awarded best, first, second, and third place. Best in category get a plaque or other award agreed upon by the winner and show committee/board of directors. Not all listed categories will be sponsored, nor is this an all-inclusive list of potential categories. If a category is unsponsored and there are entries, it will still be judged, but no best in category award will be given. Categories with a * are paid for by the club.

Plaques can be sponsored for $20

Mollies, Platys and Swords
Odd Livebearers
Old World Cats
New World Cats (Option: Corydoras, catfish, other catfish)
New World Cichlids

Old World Cichlids
Anabantoids (not Betta Splendens)
Betta Splendens
Aquatic Inverts
Aquatic Reptile/Amphibian

Native Fish
Marine Fish
Marine Inverts
Marine Tank
Nano Tank

Junior Entry*
Presidents Choice*
Grow Out Contest*
Mini Tank Contest*